Middle School vs. High School: Transcript from February 24 Reviewer Chat

Erin: hi to everyone & Briana i LUV getting bookmail from you Briana Moore, SLJ: Hello Erin!! Erin: hello? Editor Kiera P: Hi all! Editor Shelley: Here’s the link to last month’s chat, in case: https://contributors.slj.com/2016/01/revi… Editor Kiera P: Hey Erin Erin: what’s the thing up top that says you cleared the room Kiera? Editor […]

Evaluating Fiction

Plot The story and how it is revealed Is it a good story? Engaging? Interesting? How does the action progress? Is there conflict? Suspense? Is it believable? (For genre fiction, within the world created?) How do events build to a climax? How do they resolve? Overall, how well-constructed is the story? Setting The time and […]