SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from September 2017: Reviewing Multimedia (Apps, Audiobooks, & DVDs)

Check out the transcript for our last reviewer chat on SLJ reviewing apps, audiobooks, and DVDs. It took place on Thursday, September 28, 2017. sklose [1:55 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat. dgrabarek [1:58 PM] Hello, everyone. Daryl Grabarek, app editor here. sklose [1:58 PM] Hello! I’m Stephanie Klose, audiobooks editor. Welcome, everyone! We’re excited to chat about […]

SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript April 27th: Gaffe vs. Fatal Flaw

On April 27th, SLJ reviews editors and reviewers discussed how to identify whether a book/review material has a small error that doesn’t make or break it or if there’s something in the title that would keep it from getting a “Recommended” review. Here’s the transcript of that conversation. sdiaz101 3:23 PM “see” you all in […]