SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from February 2018: Reviewing Visual Materials

sdiaz101 [3:14 PM] hey all, see you in a bit for our reviewer chat at 4pm ET jsimmons [3:21 PM] Looking forward to it! lvanauken [3:43 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat. sdiaz101 [3:58 PM] Hey everyone, this is Shelley Diaz, SLJ reviews manager. Please feel free to introduce yourself while wait to get started I edit YA […]

Resources on Reviewing ART and VISUAL ELEMENTS in Picture Books & Graphic Novels

If you review picture books, graphic novels, or really any work of literature that utilizes art and design elements, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some common vocabulary, an understanding of basic art styles, and how those elements combine successfully (or not) in books for children and teens. Here are some great resources, including books, […]

Evaluating Picture Books

Text Is the text effective and appropriate for the intended audience? Does is flow well when read aloud? Are there pleasing sounds, rhythms, patterns? If it rhymes, does it do so effectively? Do the pages turn in the right places? How does the story unfold? Are there elements that allow readers to predict what might […]

Understanding Art in Picture Books


When pictures and story combine, interact, and work together to support and enhance the reader experience, magic happens. What do we look for when we read, evaluate, and review picture books? What are the typical elements reviewers need to critique? Many librarians consider themselves literary experts. We know how to read, evaluate, and discuss text. […]