SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from February 2018: Reviewing Visual Materials

sdiaz101 [3:14 PM] hey all, see you in a bit for our reviewer chat at 4pm ET jsimmons [3:21 PM] Looking forward to it! lvanauken [3:43 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat. sdiaz101 [3:58 PM] Hey everyone, this is Shelley Diaz, SLJ reviews manager. Please feel free to introduce yourself while wait to get started I edit YA […]

Evaluating Nonfiction

Authority Who is the author? What are her qualifications for writing on this subject? Does the author have a point of view? How does it come across in the text? Organization How is the subject matter organized? Is it constructed in a logical way? Are facts and concepts easy to follow and understand, keeping in […]