The SLJ Reviews Staff

Not sure who to contact? Any one of the editors below are happy to assist you! 

Tyler Hixson, editorial assistant:

  • Questions about receipt of mailed books
  • Updating your shipping address or review byline
  • General inquiries

Shelley Diaz:

  • General inquiries about reviewing; recommend a colleague for reviewing
  • Assigns YA titles and bilingual materials
  • SLJTeen newsletter
  • Assigns picture books, board books, and beginning readers
  • SLJ‘s Day of Dialog
  • Assigns middle grade fiction and chapter books

Della Farrell:

  • Assigns nonfiction
  • Series Made Simple (series nonfiction supplement)

Mahnaz Dar:

  • Assigns professional reading and reference titles
  • Assigns database and digital resource reviews

Kent Turner:

  • Assigns DVDs

Stephanie Klose:

  • Assigns audiobooks, music, and video games
  • Audio in Advance newsletter

Daryl Grabarek:

  • Assigns apps
  • Curriculum Connections newsletter