SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from February 2017: Anatomy of an SLJ Review

 Check out the transcript for our last reviewer chat on Anatomy of a review. sdiaz101 11:16 AM Reviewer chat today at 4pm ET on “The Anatomy of an SLJ review” greerericka 11:40 AM joined #slj-reviewer-chat. Also, @coovthom joined, @asantori joined, @katyk joined, @jpoyer joined, @kateolson joined. mkozikowski3:59 PM Hi, Marybeth Kozikowski here from sunny Suffolk […]

General Review Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help SLJ reviewers craft their reviews. If you haven’t already, please also see Anatomy of a (Typical) SLJ Review for further details. Should you have questions or concerns at any time about reviewing or writing, please don’t hesitate to contact an editor. General SLJ Reviewing Guidelines No more than half […]