An Evaluation Tool for Multicultural Literature

The following is excerpted from Jennifer Johnson Higgins’s research project. High literary quality. No distortions or omissions of history. Look for various perspectives to be represented. Stereotyping. There are no negative or inaccurate stereotypes of the ethnic group being portrayed. Loaded words. There are no derogatory overtones to the words used to describe the characters […]

Evaluating Nonfiction

Authority Who is the author? What are her qualifications for writing on this subject? Does the author have a point of view? How does it come across in the text? Organization How is the subject matter organized? Is it constructed in a logical way? Are facts and concepts easy to follow and understand, keeping in […]

Evaluating Fiction

Plot The story and how it is revealed Is it a good story? Engaging? Interesting? How does the action progress? Is there conflict? Suspense? Is it believable? (For genre fiction, within the world created?) How do events build to a climax? How do they resolve? Overall, how well-constructed is the story? Setting The time and […]