A Gender-Neutral Glossary – NYTimes.com

SEX Classification as male or female or, rarely, intersex (not exclusively male or female). Sex is usually assigned based on external anatomy but is determined by characteristics like chromosomes, hormones and reproductive organs. GENDER Roles, behaviors and activities that a given society considers appropriate for males or females. “Sex” and “gender” are often mistakenly used […]

On Culture & Reviewing: Essay Series


A series of essays from Strange Horizons on culture and reviewing: Author and review editor, Nisi Shawl, on evaluating and reviewing speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) about and by authors who “[differ] from the dominant paradigm.” Samuel R. Delany on Escaping Ethnocentricity A round-table discussion on Inclusive Reviewing

An Evaluation Tool for Multicultural Literature

The following is excerpted from Jennifer Johnson Higgins’s research project. High literary quality. No distortions or omissions of history. Look for various perspectives to be represented. Stereotyping. There are no negative or inaccurate stereotypes of the ethnic group being portrayed. Loaded words. There are no derogatory overtones to the words used to describe the characters […]