SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from August 2016: Reviewing Basics

sdiaz101 [3:58 PM] Hello everyone! welcome to our first reviewer chat in MONTHs! gopetrie14 [3:59 PM] Thanks! Excited to get started! sdiaz101 [3:59 PM] we still have a few minutes, but as you enter the chat start by introducing yourself and sharing what types of books you review for us brendak [3:59 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat […]

SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript April 27th: Gaffe vs. Fatal Flaw

On April 27th, SLJ reviews editors and reviewers discussed how to identify whether a book/review material has a small error that doesn’t make or break it or if there’s something in the title that would keep it from getting a “Recommended” review. Here’s the transcript of that conversation. sdiaz101 3:23 PM “see” you all in […]

The Deal with VERDICTs: SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript, March 30, 2016

Below is the transcript to our last SLJ Reviewer Chat, which focused on fine-tuning review verdicts, and was held on March 30 via a new platform. To access a cleaner, and prettier version, feel free to log in to your Slack account and check out the SLJ Reviewer Chat channel. Plus, check out a recent […]