SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from September 2017: Reviewing Multimedia (Apps, Audiobooks, & DVDs)

Check out the transcript for our last reviewer chat on SLJ reviewing apps, audiobooks, and DVDs. It took place on Thursday, September 28, 2017. sklose [1:55 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat. dgrabarek [1:58 PM] Hello, everyone. Daryl Grabarek, app editor here. sklose [1:58 PM] Hello! I’m Stephanie Klose, audiobooks editor. Welcome, everyone! We’re excited to chat about […]

What We’re Reading

Here at SLJ headquarters, the editors usually need to read about three to five books per week (not including picture books) in order to be ready for stars voting. But what are we reading, loving, and can’t wait to recommend? A few standouts below. Daryl: Right now I am rereading Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s Sammy and Juliana […]