Intro to Disability Terms in Kid Lit

“Much of our everyday language is casually ableist, and this translates to ableist language in novels, whether the novel features disabled characters or not. Sometimes, these words are intentionally included to make a point. Other times, the author uses them unthinkingly, perhaps not even aware that certain terms are ableist in the first place.” Over […]

SLJ Reviewer Chat Transcript from August 2016: Reviewing Basics

sdiaz101 [3:58 PM] Hello everyone! welcome to our first reviewer chat in MONTHs! gopetrie14 [3:59 PM] Thanks! Excited to get started! sdiaz101 [3:59 PM] we still have a few minutes, but as you enter the chat start by introducing yourself and sharing what types of books you review for us brendak [3:59 PM] joined #slj-reviewer-chat […]

SLJ Diversity and Cultural Literacy Syllabus

Summer 2016 online course Week 1: Invisibility and Appropriation Articles: Colorblind Ideology Is a Form of Racism by Monnica T. Williams, Ph. D. (from Psychology Today) When You’re Invisible, Every Representation Matters (from Native Appropriations blog) A Cultural Conundrum: Exploring Cultural Appropriation in Children’s Literature (from The Book Wars blog) We [Native Peoples] Are Not People of Color by […]