Preferred Word Count

Photo by lifewriter
Photo by lifewriter

Ever wonder what the preferred word count is for SLJ reviews?

For most of our reviews, we ask for a word count of 185 to 250 words. The first third of the review should include a SHORT summary of the text or material (no more than two or three sentences). Then, the bulk of the review should be an evaluative critique (about three to five sentences). The final section should be the VERDICT (one or two SHORT sentences).

Editors like having more to cut, so feel free to submit reviews slightly longer than 250, but please—don’t submit something longer than 300 words.


Here are the rest of the preferred word counts for different types of reviews:

Apps: 250–300

Audiobook: 180–200

DVDs: 185–250

Print Reference: 250 limit.

Online Reference/Databases: 700–800

Series Made Simple: 100–150

Library Journal: 185–200