Receiving Assignments & Submitting Reviews

  • Most SLJ reviewers review once per month. Generally, you will have about 4 weeks to read and submit your review(s). When we send picture books, easy readers, or short graphic novels, we often send 2 or 3 at a time. When we send longer titles, we only send one book at a time. If you ever experience any mail delays or need an extension, you can always contact your editor.
  • The advanced reading copies and/or finished copies of books that we send are yours to keep. In the interest of timeliness, we ask you to review from ARCs and galleys when possible.
  • Most publishers send us the finished book after we review it. When they do, we will  send you the finished copy.
  • When you are assigned a title for review, you will receive an automatic email notification that includes the due date for your review(s) and a link to the online submission site, called the Reviews Center.
  • Your username and password for the Reviews Center should have been sent to you in an email. If you’ve forgotten it, contact Ashleigh Williams.